Academic Catalog

Art (ART)

ART 107  Pottery I  (3 credits)  

A study of forms, methods, materials, and the characteristics of pottery. Basic hand-building techniques are explored in addition to contemporary concepts and ideas. Techniques of firing and kiln building. Native American history and culture will be emphasized.

ART 110  Introduction to Art  (3 credits)  

Lectures, films, slides of original works, discussions and demonstrations will be used to acquaint the student with the diverse dimensions of aesthetics, to discuss and analyze visual art forms as modes of expression; and to develop a basic understanding of the role of the visual arts in relation to ones culture.

ART 121  Introduction to Watercolor  (3 credits)  

A basic course in watercolor with emphasis on materials and various techniques. This course will explore composition and color in an experimental approach to landscape, still life, figure and contemporary modes.

ART 122  Introduction to Design  (3 credits)  

A course with emphasis on fundamental design and its application. The visual elements of line, space, mass, value, color and texture will be studied with an emphasis in Native American Art.

ART 130  Basic Drawing  (3 credits)  

Introduction to the technique of contour and gesture drawing. Principles of composition and design in figure, still life, and landscape. Media includes pencil, charcoal, pastels, pen and ink.

ART 145  Quillwork  (3 credits)  

Students will begin this course gathering and sorting quills, collecting or selecting dye and drying quills. Methods of applying quills to leather etc. Native American cultural and historic designs and color will be emphasized.

ART 146  Beadwork  (3 credits)  

This course will cover the basic stitches needed to complete beadwork used in Native American creations.

ART 220  Painting I  (3 credits)  

This course is an introduction to painting in oil and acrylics. It will provide experience in using different types of painting surface, materials and various techniques. Students will gain exposure to some theories of color, design, and composition.

ART 221  Painting II  (3 credits)  

Study of the techniques and concepts of painting, with an emphasis on design and creative expression. Students are encouraged to explore their own cultural background and experience.

Prerequisite/s: ART 220  
ART 245  North American Indian Art History  (3 credits)  

This is a survey course exploring the arts of North American peoples from Paleolithic to contemporary times. Lectures, readings, audio-visual means, research and resource persons constitute the main learning activities.

ART 246  Traditional Lakota/Dakota Art  (3 credits)  

Lectures and demonstration of traditional arts forms. Students will complete the production of one piece in a selected media.

ART 247  Native American Art Projects  (3 credits)  

Creation of art activity based on the five different cultural aesthetics: Northwest Coast Transformation Masks, Plains Style Parfleches, Southeastern Shell Carving, Woodlands Beadwork, and Southwest Pottery Designs. Students will be required to complete five (5) different projects.

ART 250  Beginning Photography  (3 credits)  

This course will introduce students to digital camera use and creative use of accessories. It will help students understand differences in lenses, filters, and other attachments to produce creative photographs. The course will help students to become more aware of light as it relates to photography and encourage students to incorporate Native American ideas into their pictures. The course will also teach students how to photography in crime scene investigating.