Academic Catalog

Economics (ECON)

ECON 201  Microeconomics  (3 credits)  

This course focuses on the nature, method, and scope of economic analysis, economic scarcity, resources, specialization of labor, supply-demand analysis, production and cost analysis, product and resource market structures, distribution of income, international trade, and economics of information and externalities.

ECON 202  Macroeconomics  (3 credits)  

This course centers on aggregate income and employment analysis, business cycles, unemployment, inflation and economic growth, fiscal policy, money and monetary policy, the U.S. economy and the world economy.

ECON 300  Money & Banking  (3 credits)  

An introduction to the financial system and the impact of money and monetary policy on the economy.

Prerequisite/s: ECON 201, or ECON 202  
ECON 310  Economic Development  (3 credits)  

An analysis of the factors affecting the economic growth and development of the nation and how it relates to the Standing Rock Reservation. It will include discussion of problems that affect development of policies.