Academic Catalog

Humanities (HUM)

HUM 101  Introduction to Humanities  (3 credits)  

This introductory survey course to the humanities explores selected world pieces in various forms to study human expression and experience as it relates languages, linguistics, literature, history, jurisprudence, philosophy, archeology, comparative religions, ethics, the history, criticism and theory of arts and aspects of the social sciences examining problems and insights in different cultures.

HUM 202  Native American Images in Film  (3 credits)  

This course will provide a critical examination of images and representations of Native Americans and their cultures in American film. The course will include relevant readings and analysis of particular films by non-native and indigenous film makers.

HUM 297  General Studies Captsone  (1 credit)  

This interdisciplinary course serves as a summary and synthesis of courses in a student’s academic career. A capstone presentation and reflective paper culminate the course.

HUM 497  General Studies Capstone  (1 credit)  

This interdisciplinary course is a review of the major ideas and issues across the broad areas of communications, humanities, mathematics, sciences, and social/behavioral sciences. Through development of an integrated project, the student will demonstrate proficiency in Sitting Bull College’s four institutional outcomes.