Academic Catalog

Soil Science (SOIL)

SOIL 210  Introduction to Soil Science  (4 credits)  

Physical, chemical, and biological properties of soils as related to use, conservation, and plant growth.

SOIL 222  Soil Fertility & Fertilizers  (2 credits)  

Principles of plant nutrition and soil nutrient availability; soil testing and fertilizer recommendations and management. Macronutrient emphasis.

Prerequisite/s: SOIL 210  
SOIL 431  Soil Conservation Management  (3 credits)  

This course covers the conservation of soil and water resources. The management techniques necessary for conservation will be stressed. Erosion topics which will be covered are soil erosion, wind erosion, predicting soil loss, land use planning, cropping systems and tillage practices. Conservation structures, reclamation and irrigation management will be discussed. Soil and water pollution will also be covered.

Prerequisite/s: SOIL 210