Academic Catalog

Health/Physical Education/Recreation (HPER)

HPER 101  Beginning Volleyball  (1 credit)  

Fundamental rules and techniques are taught along with actual learning of skills and techniques during participation.

HPER 103  Beginning Tennis  (1 credit)  

Fundamental techniques, scoring rules, and equipment care and selection are taught along with actual learning of skills and techniques during class participation.

HPER 105  Aerobics  (1 credit)  

Exercise and techniques for posture, figure control and personal physical fitness are discussed and practiced.

HPER 106  Ochethi Sakowin Traditional Games  (2 credits)  

This course will be an introduction to traditional Ochethi Sakowin games, including hand games.

HPER 110  Weight Lifting  (1 credit)  

Fundamental information concerning body metabolic processes and personal conditioning. Emphasis is on coordination and muscle tone.

HPER 112  Jogging/Conditioning  (1 credit)  

Fundamental information concerning normal physical development and the necessity for conditioning, sound health, proper respiration and weight control.

HPER 116  Archery  (2 credits)  

This course involves learning terminology, safety habits for the sport, basic physical exercise for archery, as well as the fundamentals of longbow shooting.

HPER 117  Curling I  (1 credit)  

This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to the sport of curling. Curling terminology, rules of the game, and basic delivery and sweeping mechanics will be covered.

HPER 118  Curling II  (1 credit)  

This course is designed to provide students with advanced education in the sport of curling. Curling terminology and basic delivery and sweeping mechanics will be reviewed. An introduction to curling strategy will be covered.

Prerequisite/s: HPER 117  
HPER 123  Fundamentals of Basketball  (1 credit)  

Basic techniques and skills involved in basketball. There will be demonstrations and practices.

HPER 124  Fundamentals of Bowling  (1 credit)  

Fundamental rules, techniques, scoring, and terminology are taught along with actual learning of basic skills during practices games.

HPER 200  Nutrition  (2 credits)  

Nutrition is the study of food, how it nourishes the body, and how it impacts health. Students in this course study food nutrients and their actions as well as nutrient need changes throughout the life cycle. The interaction between diet and health is explored. Topics include nutritional guidelines and reading food labels. Assessment of dietary intake and the influence of culture, values, and economics will be integrated.

HPER 205  Horsemanship Physical Education  (2 credits)  

This course shall demonstrate the basics of learning how to ride a horse while getting a good physical workout. This course is an introduction to using horse riding and physical exercises associated with therapeutic uses of horsemanship. It will provide experience in using different types of physical activities, materials and various stretching techniques. Students will gain exposure to some theories of physical exercise, use of equipment and duration of techniques in horsemanship.

HPER 207  Prevention & Care of Injuries  (2 credits)  

Methods of prevention and caring for the various types of injuries received in activities.

HPER 210  First Aid/CPR/AED  (2 credits)  

Instruction and laboratory practice in first aid procedures, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), automatic external defibrillator (AED), healthy lifestyles and prevention. Successful completion leads to a nationally recognized certification in CPR for adult, child, and infant; AED for adult and child; and First Aid for emergencies.

HPER 220  Tribal Diabetes Educator  (2 credits)  

This course will identify role of CHRs as health resource staff in American Indian communities; describe the meaning of health as understood by American Indian people; identify the extent of Type 2 diabetes in American Indian communities and the risk factors that contribute to the development of diabetes and its complications.