Academic Catalog

Engineering (ENGR)

ENGR 116  Introduction to Engineering  (3 credits)  

This course is an introduction to the engineering profession utilizing problem-based learning strategies. It provides an overview of various engineering disciplines, engineering ethics, relevant concepts from science and mathematics, and develops an open mindset to learning. Additionally, students will develop the problem-solving, computer, and study skills required for success with subsequent engineering coursework.

ENGR 117  Computer-Aided Design and Drafting(CADD)  (1 credit)  

This course provides students with a broad introduction into 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) and modeling with a focus on producing a 3D printable capstone project. Labratory required.

ENGR 204  Surveying  (4 credits)  

Measurements and errors; topographical and construction surveys; vertical and horizontal control methods; field exercises and computation techniques for surveying data; computation of earthwork volumes.

ENGR 206  Circuit Analysis I  (4 credits)  

The study of linear circuits, component models, circuit laws, transient analysis, design rules, and CAD.

Prerequisite/s: MATH 129  
Corequisite/s: PHYS 252, and MATH 166  
ENGR 221  Statics  (3 credits)  

Scalar and vector approaches to trusses, frames and machines internal forces, friction forces, center of gravity, centroid, and moment of inertia.

Prerequisite/s: MATH 165  
ENGR 222  Dynamics  (3 credits)  

This course provides students with a thorough presentation of the theory and application of dynamics of particles and rigid bodies. Topics include the kinematics and kinetics of particles and rigid bodies (translational and rotational), principles of work and energy, and principles of impulse and momentum. The motion of bodies under the action of forces is studies. Dynamics principles are basic to the analysis and design of moving structures subjected to shock load, to robotic devices, to automatic control systems, to rockets, missiles, space craft, vibration and machinery of all types with moving parts.

Prerequisite/s: ENGR 221  
ENGR 224  Thermodynamics  (3 credits)  

Introduction to thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer.

Prerequisite/s: ENGR 222, or PHYS 252  
ENGR 275  Digital Systems  (4 credits)  

Introduction to computer arithmetic, designing combinatorial circuits, and designing basic sequential circuts.

Prerequisite/s: MATH 107  
ENGR 290  Manufacturing Processes  (3 credits)  

Traditional manufacturing processing methods as employed in contemporary practice. Includes properties of materials, machining, casting, forming, and fabrication techniques. Several experiments will be conducted on various manufacturing processes in the laboratory.

Prerequisite/s: ENGR 117