Academic Catalog

Business Administration (BAD)

BAD 101  Introduction to Business  (3 credits)  

Introduction and analysis of the fundamental types of business organizations which include sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations. Includes the study of the accountability flow chart. This course will enable the student to study the comparative advantages and disadvantages unique to each type of organization and societys role in business. Emphasis on Native American heritage and culture.

BAD 103  Legal Environment of Business  (3 credits)  

Introduction and analysis of the legal environment of business. Includes governmental regulations, contracts and property regulations. Emphasis on Native American culture and heritage.

BAD 208  Entrepreneurial Marketing  (3 credits)  

The course will help students examine the marketing strategies and methods used by start-up, early-stage companies, and small business enterprises The objective of this course is to move away from the abstract and closer to the real environment Therefore we will be making extensive use of actual firm experiences via the case method and real-world observations. Students will also utilize hands-on experiences with writing and presenting. Emphasis on Native American culture and heritage.

BAD 219  Entrepreneurial Business Management  (3 credits)  

Content includes how to plan, organize, and manage an entrepreneurial business. Students will develop the skills to compose a business plan. Topics such as human resource development, ethics, finance, entrepreneurship and risk management, pricing, advertising, and promotion will be covered. Emphasis on Native American culture and heritage.

BAD 229  Grants Management  (3 credits)  

Concepts and methods for providing financial and programmatic accountability of public and private grants will be covered. Topics will include evaluation and reporting procedures. Emphasis on Native American culture and heritage.

BAD 297  Business Administration Internship  (3 credits)  

This provides the student with the opportunity to experience the world of work in conjunction with their program of study.

BAD 301  Principles of Management  (3 credits)  

This course covers the basic functions of a manager including planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling activities at all levels. It is designed to provide students with the information essential to develop a framework about management and to develop managerial knowledge and skill.

BAD 303  Human Resource Management  (3 credits)  

This course offers undergraduate students a practical introduction to the function and responsibilities of human resource management within any company-from staffing the organization, enhancing motivation and employee performance, to overseeing compensation and benefits.

BAD 305  Organizational Behavior  (3 credits)  

A research approach to management with emphasis on understanding, prediction, and control of human behavior in the organization setting. Topics include individual behavior, interpersonal and group behavior, environmental adaptation, and organizational effectiveness.

BAD 311  Principles of Marketing  (3 credits)  

A study of marketing techniques and practices. The topics include: Strategic marketing and its environment, using technology for customer relationships in a global environment, target market selection and research, customer behavior, product decisions, pricing decisions, distribution decisions, and promotion decisions.

BAD 323  Payroll Accounting  (3 credits)  

A study of the various state and federal laws pertaining to payment of wages and salaries, preparation of employment records, payroll registers, employee earning records, time cards and state and federal reporting requirements.

Prerequisite/s: BAD 201  
BAD 333  Business Writing  (3 credits)  

A course of modern practices in preparing, planning, writing and dictating types of business letters, memos, and reports which is commonly required in business operations.

Prerequisite/s: ENGL 120, and CSCI 101  
BAD 343  Grant Writing  (3 credits)  

This course is for students and professionals seeking to learn the basics of researching information in an effort to write grants and manage grants. The grant process and the steps needed to complete a proposal will be studied. Topics in this course include writing a grant proposal, how understanding the grantors requirements, grant management, reporting, and financial administration.

BAD 353  Tax Procedures  (3 credits)  

The course includes explanation and interpretation of the Internal Revenue Code in preparation and filing of federal income tax returns for individuals, partnerships and corporations. Instruction includes VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) volunteer training and a computer lab component. Business topics include inventory, cost of goods sold, depreciation and business use of a home.

Prerequisite/s: BAD 201  
BAD 363  Business Finance  (3 credits)  

A course study in management of Capital in Business including asset structure, risk, income, cash flows, working capital and long term financing with some emphasis on International finance.

Prerequisite/s: ECON 201, and ECON 202, and MATH 103  
BAD 401  New Venture  (3 credits)  

The process of getting a new venture started, growing the venture, successfully harvesting it and starting again. The concepts of entrepreneurship and competencies, skills, know-how and experience those that are sufficient to pursue different entrepreneurial opportunities.

Prerequisite/s: BAD 219  
BAD 405  Business Law  (3 credits)  

The course offers a basic explanation of the legal rights and responsibilities of people in both the public and private sectors.

BAD 406  Business Ethics  (3 credits)  

A course covering the complex environment in which managers confront ethical decisions. Understanding how to recognize the different kinds of business ethical dilemmas and knowing why they occur. The course explores the cost to business and society of unethical and illegal behavior.

BAD 434  World Business  (3 credits)  

A comprehensive coverage of a broad range of topics and the steps a business must take to go global. The course focuses on huge multi-national corporations as well as the small and medium-sized enterprises. It also compares and contrasts articles that present conflicting opinions on international issues such as globalization, trade, country differences, and global strategy.

Prerequisite/s: ECON 201, or ECON 202  
BAD 453  Strategic Management  (3 credits)  

This course provide a basis for integrating knowledge of various business disciplines. Skills developed are applied to the formation and implementation of strategic operation plans. The case study method is used throughout the course.

Prerequisite/s: BAD 219, or BAD 301  
BAD 497  Internship - Field Study  (3 credits)  

Intended for the student nearing completion of a degree goal. This course involves a more intense participation and responsibility in the area of study of Business Administration.